Being a Littlefish

Who are Littlefishes?

Why do we need Colonies?

Colonies are an essential part of littlefish community. A group of individuals form up the colonies around a cause or an idea. littlefish Foundation identifies the structure and the exchanges between the littlefish and the colony but doesn't limit the types of causes or ideas. This identification becomes an agreement between both parties which includes rewards/shares/fees and other colony-specific requirements.
When a colony is created, the following properties can be customized:
  • Colony name
  • Colony cause/idea
  • Available funding mechanisms
    • Direct donations
    • Purchase of NFTs as
      • Colony cause and whitepaper
      • Proof of Activity or
      • Member contributions
    • Staking to a sponsoring pool for direct delegations
  • Joining fee: 0 to any
  • Donation/Purchase/staking reward sharing
  • A customizable token [v2]
  • NFT Store [v2]

Browsing Colonies

Creating Colonies